Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

help your staffing agency make payroll

Are you having trouble keeping up with payroll due to slow and late invoice payments? Don’t spend every week in a panic looking for a way to afford payroll distribution. Focus on what matters - growing your business and keeping your clients happy.

We know these long waiting periods between invoice payments can become detrimental to the future of your business, create stress within your operations, and restrain your possibility for growth. If your staffing company makes weekly or bi-weekly payroll distributions for the personnel you’ve placed with your clients, you may be in a tight spot financially and looking for a way to increase cash flow. Accounts Payable Factoring is a quick funding resource that provides your staffing agency the cash it needs to make payroll and continue being operational.

You shouldn’t have to decide whether or not you’ll be taking on a new corporate client with open job positions they need filled. You also shouldn’t be concerned about fulfilling every open position as quickly as possible. With Crown, lack of cash flow is no longer a stressor or concern, as we’ve provided the perfect solution for your staffing company, invoice factoring! We will pay you up to 90% of that invoice within 1 business day to ensure you have the cash flow you need to fulfill payroll and keep growing!

Factoring with Crown Financial will HELP YOUR BUSINESS DO BUSINESS.

Choose Crown Financial to fund your staffing payments.

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Invoice factoring: a better funding option for staffing agencies than a loan.

Although small business loans can provide large amounts of capital to your growing staffing company, they can also jeopardize the stability of your business for more than one reason.

  1. Business loans can take months for approval creating cash flow problems in the interim.

  2. Business loans are based upon your business credit, which you may not have.

  3. Business loan interest rates are typically higher than factoring rates, reducing profit margin.

  4. Business loans require you to make monthly loan payments, factoring does not.

  5. Factoring can be used in conjunction with a business loan, enhancing cash flow.

Crown Financial offers a free application, free consultation, and up to a 90% advance against the value of unpaid invoices. This ensures your factoring process is swift so you can finance payroll and remain profitable.

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Look to Crown Financial if your business:

  • Is struggling to meet payroll every week

  • Is struggling to fulfill open or niche positions

  • Has overdue accounts receivables

  • Works with industries in staffing slumps

  • Is behind on bills, insurance & tax payments