Crown Financial can provide the funding that your business needs. We work with you and your customers to improve your cash flow, providing you with ongoing operating capital to keep your business moving forward toward your financial goals.

Unlike traditional bank loans, venture capital, lines of credit or other programs, working with Crown’s Accounts Receivable factoring service does not increase your debt. Factoring your Accounts Receivable on an ongoing basis will enhance your cash flow and enable you to continue to operate and grow. You will be able to fill the next big order immediately without worrying about how you are going to pay for it.

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One of the most significant benefits to a relationship with Crown Financial is the ability to quickly verify your client’s creditworthiness. Working with Crown will help you avoid the huge error of granting credit to that “new client” who is dangling the big order in front of you only to find out that the new client never pays on time or not at all. Additionally, it will allow you to “keep up” with your current clients and monitor their credit-worthiness. By monitoring your client’s credit on a regular basis, you will be the first to know if one of your good customers is beginning to slow pay.


Crown Financial can assist with your collection services. Many small businesses don’t have the time or personnel to handle collections. We have a team of professionals who understand how important it is to maintain a quality relationship with your customers, but also understand how important it is to collect the money.