Invoice Factoring: What's Fact? What's Fiction?

Invoice factoring is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked business funding methods. But at the same time, it's also the most accessible and beneficial — especially for growing companies.

Here's everything you need to know about what factoring IS and IS NOT:

FICTION: Factoring is a loan.

Factoring is NOT a loan, and does NOT create debt for your company. Once you've done the billable work, you can submit a client's invoice to a factoring company and receive cash immediately — And your client is responsible for repayment.

Avoid the loan + interest rate headache, and let your factoring company take care of it.

FACT: Factoring can increase your profits.

You get cash up-front and the company handles the dirty work (AKA the repayment), which means you can jump at any and all opportunities for growth as they pop up.

FICTION: You lose control of your company with factoring.

Factoring actually helps you gain MORE control of your company, because you get the capital you need to pay your bills and grow your business. This consistent cash flow will help you take care of payroll (on time), purchase inventory when needed, take advantage of bulk discounts and fulfill more orders.

FACT: Factoring can improve supplier relationships.

Choose factoring and you'll get cash. Get cash and you'll pay your bills quickly. Pay your bills quickly and you'll see your supplier relationships flourish — This opens up doors to discounted supplies, better communication, increased efficiency and other perks!

FICTION: The process is slow and costly.

Nope. The process is fast and accessible — for everyone. With factoring, expect to receive cash within 24 hours. And if you don't want to factor all your invoices, then don't. Factor as many or as little as you want. The choice is yours!

FACT: The amount of funding grows with your business.

Unlike other financing methods, factoring grows with your business success. As you fulfill more orders and submit more invoices, more and more cash becomes available. With factoring, your funding grows with you!

Fun Fact: Did you know Crown can factor up to $25 million in 24 hours? Wow!!!

Factoring has been underestimated for so long because the funding method is so misunderstood. The truth is...

  • It AVOIDS debt.

  • It INCREASES your profits.

  • It gives you MORE control.

  • It can IMPROVE supplier relationships.


  • The amount of capital available GROWS with you.

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