Things to Look for in an Invoice Factoring Company

Factoring is an excellent financial tool to help you continue business as usual, even before your clients pay their invoices. Making payroll, accounts payable, and growing you business is all stress free when an invoice factoring company is involved.


When choosing a factoring company in Houston, consider looking for these important points:

·      No Application Fee: Do not let a company charge you to fill out an application. Look for a company that has no application fee, but wants to help you grow your business and help you succeed instead.

·      Quick Turnaround: While all factoring companies will want to vet your companies credit standing and viability, do not let the application process take too long. Look for a company that will turn your application around in less than 48 hours with a response. Crown Financial will actually do you one better and will respond within 24 hours of the recipient of all paperwork.

·      Quick Funding: The point of invoice factoring in Houston is to give you the cash flow to continue business as usual and take advantage of new business opportunities. Look for a company that pays cash quickly. Crown Financial will begin paying cash via wire transfer as soon as all paperwork is approved. When invoices are submitted, you can expect payment with 24 hours of submission.

·      Information at Your Fingertips: Do not let your factoring company keep you in the dark. Look for a company that is going to keep you informed on invoice payment status, changes in your clients’ credit rating, approvals, funding, etc. You want to know that your factoring company is a part of YOUR team and has your best interests in mind.

·      Experience: Factoring companies may all seem the same, but look for those that have been in business for quite some time and can prove their solvency. Crown Financial has been helping clients succeed for over 25 years, working with all industries and types of businesses. Our experience and depth of capital make us an obvious choice above the competition.